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In today’s world of geopolitical uncertainties affecting global business, supply chains and economy, US-HK Business Insights brings together thought leaders from business, academia, and think tanks to share their insights from latest developments in the US, Hong Kong and China, its implications for businesses, to industry trends and advice to mitigate threats to the business communities.

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Hong Kong’s Next Golden Era? US-HK Business Insights

During the 1990s, Hong Kong was once considered ‘the goose that lays the golden egg.’ Since the rise of China, Hong Kong’s economic influence seems to have waned. Facing a triple whammy of Covid-19, social movement as well as an escalated US-China tension, can Hong Kong navigate through such turbulent times and come out stronger? Simon Cartledge, Founder at Big Brain, shared his insights on the outlook of Hong Kong.
  1. Hong Kong’s Next Golden Era?
  2. China’s Economy in Post COVID-19 and Beyond
  3. COVID-19 and Implications for US-China Relations
  4. Brookings’ David Wessel on the Economic Impact of COVID-19
  5. Lessons From China’s Rise and the Implications For Japan and US

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the guest speakers are their own and do not reflect the views nor positions of AmCham HK.