Discover World of Frozen – immersive experiences redefined at Hong Kong Disneyland

by Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Discover World of Frozen – immersive experiences redefined at Hong Kong Disneyland

As guests step into Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s new World of Frozen – Disney’s first and largest themed land based on the hit Walt Disney Animation Studios Frozen film franchise – they are immediately transported away from the subtropical city and into the magical and mountainous kingdom of Arendelle, home to the beloved royal sisters Anna and Elsa.

The highly awaited World of Frozen makes its grand debut at Hong Kong Disneyland on November 20, marking an exciting milestone for the park’s expansion. As Disney turns 100 and celebrates 10 years of melting hearts with Disney Animation blockbuster Frozen (2013), The Walt Disney Company is ushering in a new era of storytelling and creative excellence.

In Hong Kong, as tourism bounces back post-pandemic, with a growing appetite for experiences in the region, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has stayed ahead of the curve, rolling out new and innovative additions. Lantau Island is on the cusp of transformation into a tourism and recreation hub, and the resort leads the way, greeting guests with an upgraded catalog of entertainment, having added the reimagined Castle of Magical Dreams (2020), first-of-its-kind “Follow Your Dreams” stage show (2021), immensely popular and original Nighttime Spectacular “Momentous” (2022), and most recently, a bespoke Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Statue, “Dream Makers” (2023) to its repertoire.

Michael Moriarty, managing director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, shares: “World of Frozen represents our largest and boldest expansion yet. Powered by unrivaled creativity and innovation, it takes storytelling to the next level, bringing to life a brand-new experience which our guests will love, and truly sets our park apart from others in the region. It will be a game changer not just for Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, but also in terms of how we tell stories at Disney parks. Combined with our multi-year expansion plan and year-round entertainment options, from day to night, we bring guests immersive experiences like no other.”

He adds: “Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is a trendsetter in entertainment and a source of pride for Hong Kong people. I am excited and humbled by the tremendous response to our previews. Over the past 18 years, we’ve been dedicated to supporting the local community and tourism sector. We are thrilled to bring World of Frozen to life, where families can share joy together in a whole new way.”

Through captivating stories, stunning landscapes, state-of-the-art technology, beloved characters and enchanting music, the themed land takes guests on a fully immersive journey like never before. Guests can delve into the magical travel destination with fun-filled attractions, exquisite Nordic cuisine, charming shops and surprises and delights throughout the kingdom.

To welcome visitors to Arendelle from all over the world, Oaken, a humble shopkeeper, has constructed a family-friendly carnival coaster – Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs – behind his Trading Post that zooms through the rugged and picturesque landscape of Arendelle Forest with panoramic views of Arendelle. Deep in Arendelle Forest, you will be joined by Anna and Elsa in a novel and engaging theatrical experience, Playhouse in the Woods, where you play a part in the story. As the royal sisters step forth and into your midst, witness Elsa’s ice magic firsthand and discover your connection to the elemental spirits through interactive play. Over in Arendelle Village, journey aboard a riveting boat-ride adventure – Frozen Ever After – to Elsa’s Ice Palace, which is open to all for the first time, accompanied by beloved Frozen friends and songs.

There will be familiar sights from the films, such as Arendelle Castle – home of the royal family – and the Clock Tower in which Anna and Prince Hans danced and sang “Love Is an Open Door” from the original film. These sights blend right into the unique natural landscape of Hong Kong’s Lantau mountains, offering a seamless transition between the organic scenery and World of Frozen.

The world-class talent at Walt Disney Imagineering pushed the boundaries of creativity to bring the kingdom of Arendelle to life through extensive research, with inspiration from Norway.

“Every single aspect of this land has a ton of knowledge behind it,” shares Michel den Dulk, executive creative director of Walt Disney Imagineering. Nordic culture and history, which deeply influenced the films’ stories, art direction, and production design, served as a chief source of inspiration for the land, from the environment and architecture down to the finer details such as fabrics, symbols and motifs. “I think what’s so magical about this place is that everything is coordinated so well in the background so that the guests can just have a worry-less day at the park.”

From the North Mountain in the background of Arendelle – where Anna and Elsa’s castle sits in the films – to the Norwegian inspired folk art painting featured on wooden beams inside village houses, every single detail, both big and small, has been meticulously planned and designed to immerse guests into the story and world. And for the first time, beloved Frozen characters have been brought to life through highly advanced and sophisticated technology.

“Bringing our characters to life, featuring our unique, state-of-the-art Audio-Animatronics® figures, is a thrilling aspect of this project,” said Amanda Chiu, senior producer, Walt Disney Imagineering Asia. “It is a great testament to the amazing talents at Walt Disney Imagineering who made the impossible possible.”

Chiu added: “We share the same goal with Walt Disney Animation Studios to create incredible entertainment for people of all ages, using innovative technology to tell a compelling, heartfelt story like never before.”

These innovative features allow guests to feel an intimate connection with the characters they love. World of Frozen elevates how guests experience the kingdom through its very own citizens of Arendelle – each of whom has their own backstory and unique characteristics. For the first time at the resort, cast members form part of the theatrical experience. Throughout Arendelle, you will be welcomed by the warm smiles of enthusiastic Arendelle natives, who regale you with heartwarming and chuckle-inducing tales of their family. Guests can learn all their stories and discover Arendelle through these tailor-made interactions.

Explore and indulge in the mouthwatering cuisine and quaint shops, which are deeply rooted in Nordic tradition. Golden Crocus Inn and Bayside Wharf are not to be missed for delectable local delicacies inspired by traditional Nordic dishes. Visit Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles and Traveling Traders for a delightful shopping experience, where you can find the perfect souvenirs to take home cherished memories. After a day full of adventure, some snacks and sweet treats may be in order. Treat your taste buds at Forest Fare and sample delicious desserts at Northern Delights.

World of Frozen completes the sensory experience with spellbinding music from award-winning composer and arranger Andrew Cottee, who rearranges the iconic music from the movies and weaves together soul and orchestral score music to build the perfect ambience, taking guests on an enchanting journey that creates memories of a lifetime.

No trip to Arendelle would be complete without witnessing the spectacular twilight view. As the sun goes down, Arendelle, bathed in iridescent blue lighting, comes alive with Arendelle Castle brightly lit in luminous shades of purple and blue and its windows glowing from within with amber light. There’s an extraordinary piece of magic at Friendship Fountain that you can only witness after the sun sets. Guests can extend the magical Arendelle journey by staying at one of the resort’s enchanting hotels and take part in themed recreation activities that make the Arendelle experience truly unforgettable.

World of Frozen is now part of the legacy stretching back to Walt’s original dream for Disneyland – creating a place where children and their parents could have fun together. When you visit Arendelle, for a brief moment, time stands still, everything else disappears and you are transported into the world. You step into Arendelle and become part of the story. That’s Disney magic.

The gates are opening on November 20.

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