EDGE x Architecture Commons Awarded as AmCham Community Hub’s Designer

Hong Kong – August 24, 2021 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (“AmCham”) is pleased to award renowned Hong Kong architect firms EDGE and Architecture Commons to design its new office and Community Hub.

The new design will uniquely embody the Chamber’s brand and help facilitate its diverse community of members, staff and guests interact and meet in a collaborative environment right in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central District.

 “We are genuinely excited to be working and collaborating with these two inspirational Hong Kong architecture firms. EDGE x Architecture Commons has an intuitive understanding of Duddell Street and its surrounding space and how our community will feel inspired to gather overlooking Central and the Botanical Gardens. We also see how a Hong Kong firm can appreciate a flexible use of smaller spaces, making the best of every square foot possible,” AmCham President Tara Joseph said.  

“EDGE x Architecture Commons is thrilled to work with AmCham to transform the space for the members and the team to embrace the future of work and collaboration. To celebrate the view of greenery and choreograph multiple scenarios in the available space, we employ the analogy of a ‘porch’ that wraps around the floor to greatly enhance the user experience, and the transformations will be the signature of AmCham’s new home in Hong Kong,” said Gary Chang, Managing Director of EDGE Design Institute and Rick Lam, Co-founder & Director of Architecture Commons.  

This was a competitive selection process in which ten design teams submitted bids and three finalist design teams were invited to present to the Chamber in July. All teams went through two rounds of presentations, the second of which was to respond to the selection panel’s comments.  

The design contract was awarded based on 5 major criteria, namely: knowledge and application of American aesthetic, selection of materials, incorporation of technology and sustainability into the new space, strong understanding of the Chamber’s interaction with its stakeholders, and construction costs in line with Chamber’s QS estimate.  

 The AmCham Community Hub is expected to launch in March 2022.  

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