A Temperature Testing Survey on the Government Quarantine of Children in Hong Kong

The international business community has undergone an unsettling weekend with children from several schools under threat of being sent to mandatory government quarantine facilities after mandatory testing due to COVID outbreaks. In view of the concerns, the Chamber conducted a quick poll to gauge members’ views to understand the issues. 

This anonymous temperature survey was conducted between March 15 6PM and March 16 1PM.

A total of 239 responses were received as at March 16 1PM – about 17% of all of our members.

Key points: 

  • A majority of those surveyed said they were worried or somewhat worried about entire school classes being sent to government quarantine facilities, and that the policy is unjustified when it comes to the health of children.
  • Just over half of those surveyed said that if this policy became routine it would factor into their decision about staying in Hong Kong.
  • Several comments showed a strong disagreement with the majority.
  • It is not the Chamber’s intention to lobby for any exemption from rules applied to all members of Hong Kong society
  • Based on the survey findings, AmCham suggests more clarity and transparency of information around quarantine arrangements for minors be given to schools and parents while the government does its best to control the pandemic

Click here to view the results.

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