AmCham Positions Itself For The Digital Economy

October 9, 2020 – HONG KONG – When AmCham celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2019, we posted the motto “Celebrating The Past, Investing In The Future” in all of our events and Chamber literature during the course of the year.

We are proud of our Chamber, our membership and our interaction in Hong Kong since we were founded more than 50 years ago. We are also committed to staying in Hong Kong as we look to the future. Our plan now is to increase our digital capabilities while maintaining a physical presence with a boardroom and hub for physical activities in our office at the Bank of America Tower.

“Our aim is to invest our resources and time in order to build a solid future of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. This means making solid financial decisions about how to use our space and money,” said Robert Grieves, AmCham Chairman.

“AmCham will eventually seek a new modern office space that is digitally friendly and comfortable for both our members and visitors. We look forward to a bright future in Hong Kong.”

“Even before Covid-19 appeared AmCham’s Board of Governors recognized the need to embark on a digital transformation in order to secure a successful future. We call this strategy Chamber 2.0, and the plan is to realign our resources to be more up to date and focus on future business and communication trends, as well as to build a stronger connection with the next generation of AmCham members,” said Tara Joseph, AmCham President.

AmCham was founded in 1969 with the mission to foster trade between the United State and Hong Kong as well as to enhance Hong Kong’s role as an international business hub. The Chambers’ values include free flow of information, rule of law, transparency and strong corporate governance.