AmCham Statement on National Security Law

July 2, 2020 – HONG KONG – For more than 50 years, the American Chamber of Commerce has been committed to preserving Hong Kong’s stature as an international business center, and has worked with and supported the Hong Kong SAR government in the development of a world class business hub incorporating the shared values of rule of law, free flow of information and connectivity across the globe.

We remain committed to Hong Kong as a home base for international business. It will take time for the business community to digest details of the law, but we hope it will not impact the dynamism and benefits of this great city, which continues to serve as an important gateway between East and West.

We look forward to further consultation with our members on details of the national security law, as well as interaction with the Hong Kong SAR government to seek further clarity on how the law will be interpreted and implemented, and the implications for American businesses operating and investing in Hong Kong.