AmCham Survey Results on National Security Law & Hong Kong’s “Special Status”

Hong Kong has been hit by a double-whammy in the past week, with China announcing a proposed national security law, while President Trump said he would begin the process of revoking the US-HK special economic status.

AmCham has taken a temperature testing survey to see how these announcements are affecting their view of the financial and services hub and their presence in the city.

Not surprisingly, these are emotive issues and we received a wide variety of comments and feedback. But overall, there are some consistent themes: Well over half of our respondents said they were very concerned or moderately concerned by the national security law while nearly half of the respondents saying they feel pessimistic about the city’s medium to long term outlook. An overwhelming majority were taking a “wait and see” attitude as to whether Hong Kong will lose its special US trading status.

Here are the results, which comprise of 15% of our Chamber members, the majority of which are US companies, while a third represent Hong Kong companies and firms from other countries.


  • This is an internal membership survey to which 180 members responded between June 1 at 12pm and June 2 at 2pm.
  • Further breakdown of data is unavailable, while selected unattributable comments are extracted for members’ reference.
  • This survey is not intended to be a scientific instrument, but rather a temperature test of members’ sentiments.

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